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Lime deposits

Lime is present in all tap water. It is more concentrated in some areas than in others. Nevertheless, sooner or later, limescale deposits can cause significant damage to your washing machine, kettle or coffee maker. Likewise, lime deposits can damage your water pipes and contaminate your plumbing. You should protect yourself against this! With the photon water generators you get a small helper with enormous effect and the lime problems belong to the past.

  • Protects against limescale
  • No chemicals
  • Sustainable
  • 10 years warranty

Real Estate

Problems with limescale deposits can lead to immense costs in commercial properties. On the one hand, damaged water pipes can lead to repair work. On the other hand, expensive commercial equipment can fall victim to limescale deposits. In both cases, high costs arise not only from repairs or new purchases, but also from loss of earnings. Here, the photonic water generator can provide a remedy and counteract the unwanted lime deposits.

  • Protects your property
  • Protects against loss of earnings
  • Longer value retention
  • 10 years warranty


Agricultural machinery is expensive and not resistant to lime deposits. Due to this, special care is required in agriculture and precautions should be taken. Especially if the precautions have an additional positive effect on agricultural products. With the photonic water generators you are able to fight and prevent the lime deposits. In addition, you contribute to the improvement of the quality of your products.

  • Better value retention of your machines
  • Higher quality products
  • Better plant growth
  • No chemicals
  • 10 years warranty

Rust and corrosion

In the fight against rust and corrosion in your water pipes, chemicals or agents are often used that accelerate limescale buildup. Unfortunately, there are few solutions to this other than the use of more chemicals, which can have a negative impact on your water quality. However, the Photon Water Generator can provide a remedy. It fights lime deposits permanently and sustainably, without the use of chemical aids.


  • Protects against limescale deposits in the fight against corrosion
  • No chemical aids
  • Durable and sustainable
  • 10 years warranty

Pool without chemistry

A pool is an expensive investment that can quickly become a time-consuming cost trap due to poor water quality. You can counteract poor water quality with the use of chemicals and salts. However, these are expensive and not sustainable solutions. Here, Photon Water Generators provides a permanent solution that will help you restore your pool to its former beauty.


  • No chemistry Additives
  • Better water quality
  • No costs for chemical cleaning agents
  • Natural and sustainable
  • Natural water experience

Germs and biofilm

Limescale deposits lead to rough inner walls in your water pipes, on which layers of biofilm can settle. These are readily inhabited by germs and bacteria and used as a breeding ground. Thus, it is possible for germs to build up in your water pipes. Likewise, these can enter your body through your drinking water and possibly lead to illness. But the Photon Water Generator helps to remove the lime deposits and thus also the biofilm and the germs.


  • Precaution against pathogenic germs
  • Removes lime deposits and biofilm on them
  • Provides lasting protection against limescale deposits and biofilm
  • 10 years warranty

Energy and well-being

With the products of Sunwater of Life we bring the hexagonal structure back into your water. Through the gentle process we manage to achieve an average Bovis value of 42,000. This means lots of energy for your body.

Lake restoration

Small environmental changes can cause algae problems in lakes and water bodies. Not only does this make the lake look polluted, but it can also endanger the health of fish and bathers. There are methods to treat the problem with the use of chemicals. However, these may not be long lasting and also affect the ecosystem of the water body. With the use of photon technology, lake remediation can be long lasting and without chemicals.


  • No chemicals required
  • Ecosystem of the water body is not affected
  • No strenuous physical labor required
  • Unobtrusive and sustainable

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No. Mineral water is of course not harmful, waste water or distilled water is harmful to humans. However, commercial mineral water from the supermarket has an average of only about 3,500 Bovis units and, accordingly, does not give energy to the body, but takes energy away.


Yes, it was important to us that all these changes in the water are also detectable.
Please take a look at the tests as well as certifications!

Crystal water, which is created by the products of Sunwater of Life, have a bovis value of over 25,000. They give energy to the body and have many other very positive effects. Feel free to ask your doctor about the other effects from a medical point of view.

No, absolutely not. The process is gentle for humans, animals and the environment.

With our tests on test persons, we indicate enormous bioenergetic increase and show a crystal water structure like the spring water in nature.

Water, which has been transformed into the hexagonal form, respectively has been animated, remains in this state.


Keeping our products away from high power sources, the efficient effect of all our products is guaranteed for 20 years.

- The distance of each PWG from 220 V lines should be at least 20 to 25 cm.

- and of 380 V lines must be at least 40 cm.

Especially in summer this makes sense. Cold water quenches thirst and is refreshing. The crystal water can easily stand in the refrigerator for hours, days and even week without losing the hexagonal shape.

Water Crystal Photography Center

Dott. Rainer Niederkofler

Paul von Sternbach 1

39031 Brunico (Italy)


Telephone: +39 349 8079802

No, we are not a filter system! We have added the special frequency for pollutants to repel the absorption from your body and thus increase your well-being.

This is currently shown by our bioenergetic measurements that after each liquid ingested, the energy/bovis value can be proven to increase in individual body parts/organs.

It is not yet possible for us to check pollutants before they are absorbed and released from the body.

We are making every effort to conduct research and development in this area.