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Water is life - a simple, yet important sentence. Because very few people drink water that is really good for them and hydrates their organism down to the deepest cellular levels.

At Sunwater of life we are in collaboration with Ing. Ludwig Holzer the inventor of PWG, who has been working internationally in the fields of water structuring and lake restoration since 2008. The highly innovative technology enables us to structure "normal" water at the molecular level back into its original structure and provide you with useful information about the PWG. 

Easy to see this origin structure is for example at Snowflakes - here is a Crystal shape with six corners apparentwhich can also be detected in fresh spring water. This can be shown, among other things, by shock freezing and microscopic examination of the water.
Tap water, on the other hand, loses its valuable crystal structure as it is pumped through miles of pipes. In addition, the influence of additives further deteriorates the water quality. Another factor that significantly reduces water quality are filter systems and osmosis plants.
Thanks to years of experience and profound expertise, Ing. Ludwig Holzer is able to restructure atoms in the frequency plane and thus significantly change the cell availability as well as the energetic signature of the water.

Furthermore, the formation of limescale is 99 percent a thing of the past thanks to this process - unsightly limescale edges in kettles, showers and coffee machines are thus effectively counteracted. 
Normal tap water is restructured with our effective technology so that any pollutants can no longer be absorbed by the organism. The new molecular structure generated in this way can no longer be negatively changed by external influences. An effect that is not only immediately noticeable in terms of taste!

Let's shine a light - and use water to its fullest potential as the life-giving element it has been for millions of years.

Look forward to crystal clear, naturally energized water that will revitalize your organism with every sip!