Better water quality for agriculture

For agriculture it is particularly important to maintain good water quality to have. Because if the water is of poor quality, or even germ-infested, then this can affect the crop yields. But this not only affects the amount of crop, but also the quality of the harvested product.

Our innovative product, the Photon Water Generator (PWG) produces structured vitalized ortho-energetic water from the tap. Animals, plants and flowers love it and also the Plant growth increases visibly as a result. Among other things, this is due to the fact that the oxygen binding capacity of the water is increased.

However, the PWG also contributes to a great financial cost saving with. After all, calcification of water pipes or equipment can also cause considerable expense in agriculture. With the PWG, such fears are a thing of the past.

Photons water generator as a helper in agriculture

The benefits of the PWG are particularly versatile. This is mainly due to the fact that the PWG is a product in the field of water engineering. In addition, every person and every business sector consumes large amounts of water. In agriculture, a particularly large amount of water is consumed to irrigate plants or to feed animals.

In agriculture, wear can occur much more quickly due to lime deposits. Therefore, the life cycle of the equipment used is massively reduced. The Photon Water Generator counteracts this Comparatively low price counter. The device renders ineffective all the water alien pollutant information in the water and at the same time the water is energized and restructured, with the highest order.

The advantages in hot water technology in detail


Lower maintenance costs of technical equipment


Increased plant growth


No pollutant information foreign to water in the water


 Plants and animals receive structured vitalized ortho-energetic water

Lime as an important component of agriculture

Since lime is known to be an important ingredient especially in agriculture, the question could arise whether the PWG could have a counterproductive effect. For this case, it is worth mentioning that although the device can reduce Water quality increased and aggressive lime removed. However, it does not remove the lime itself from the water. Thus, all useful nutrients remain in the water.

The plants and animals are also happy about it, because your well-being is also improved by the energetic high-quality water. In this regard, many improvements can be detected through photon technology. Likewise, the water can superimpose electrosmog. This thus does not come into contact with the corresponding organism.

Cost of higher water quality through the PWG

The costs for the PWG are comparatively very limited. Consider how valuable agricultural machinery, livestock or plant stocks are. With the PWG, you get a device that directly contributes to value creation and at the same time strengthens the value retention of your technical equipment.

The PWG does not even have to be connected to the power supply. For 10 years the device will do you work. At the same time, it does not need to be serviced or replaced even once. In addition, we have a 10-year performance guarantee for our PWG, so you can purchase the device without any risk.

Contact us and let us find out how this innovative technology can also provide you with valuable services in agriculture.

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