Energy and well-being

Water is the elixir of life.

Most people already know some important things about water, such as the states of aggregation or the freezing point or the chemical formula H₂O. Without water, life would not be possible.

But not all water is the same.

It all depends on the quality of the water and here we don't just mean cheaper or more expensive mineral water. We know so many types of water:
Waste water, well water, tap water, mineral water, salt water, rain water, spring water, crystal water ....
But how do they differ? And what makes a really good water?

Better water quality means more energy.

Besides good and bad bacteria and nutrients, there is another important aspect that determines the quality of the water. The structure.
High quality water has a crystalline form, hence crystal water.

We bring your water into shape.

Sunwater of Life products allow you to restore unstructured or even dead water to its original crystal form. Our products send a frequency to the water, which has been proven to make it take on the hexagonal shape. Try it and send your water to a water testing station.

Proven quality with the Bovis unit

Bovis units are a unit of measurement for vital energy. The origin of this value lies with the French scientist Alfred Bovis. It is exciting to look at and measure the Bovis units of substances and foods, such as water, with which our body comes into contact, in order to get an impression of what influences they have on our body.

More energy with crystal water

With the products of Sunwater of Life we bring the hexagonal structure back into your water. Through the gentle process we manage to achieve an average Bovis value of 37,000. This means lots of energy for your body.

What is good and what is not?

The normal bovis value of a healthy average person is between 6,500 and 10,000 bovis units.
What happens when we consume food or water?
Our body absorbs the energy stored in water.

-Distilled water 3000 BW
-line water 1000 - 4000BW
-Mineral water 5000 BW

These types of water have less Bovis units than a healthy person should have at least. Therefore, these water sources actually rob people of energy.
Just like sweets, soft drinks or fast food. All foods and substances with a bovis value of less than 6,500, deprive the body of energy.