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About Hagalis AG

Hagalis AG was founded in 2000 and emerged from the sole proprietorship Hagalis Association founded in 1995. This was preceded by 12 years of research activity in the development of new diagnostic methods and production of remedies.

Production Control: Dr. Peter Maisenbacher Quality Control: Prof. Dr. Kimmich Scientific Support: Prof. Dr. Gebelein, University of Giessen Before

Chairman of the Supervisory Board: E.-F. Lauppe

Hagalis AG is an internationally active laboratory for quality analyses in the field of food, water and objects of everyday use. One focus of the work of Hagalis AG is the testing of water quality from an extended point of view. It was our concern to bring water quality closer to the current awareness of mankind.

The aim was to redefine the vital energy of water and to develop an adequate method for its investigation. In the crystal analysis method we have developed, the aspect of the vital-energy state of the water is given equal importance to the chemical-physical evaluation.

One of our goals is to test a wide variety of waters for quality and to demonstrate the effectiveness of treatment devices. The data obtained are used to inform consumers and help them choose the water that is right for them. On the other hand, manufacturers of bottled water and water treatment equipment also turn to us for advice and to determine water quality.

In addition to the water quality tests we have been conducting since 1995, we also examine bottled W

s water and treatment methods. Our criteria for high-quality water are still much higher than required by law. In addition to the analysis of water, the analytical methods developed in our laboratories can be used in many other areas - in medicine, in cosmetics production, in the food industry, to name just a few examples.

The crystal analysis is characterized by:

Gentle processing of the sample material

  • Avoidance of the use of solvents
  • Extraction of the liquid components of the sample
  • Extraction of the mineral fractions
  • Union of the two extractions
  • Solution crystallization
  • Magnification, display and evaluation

The advantages of the crystal analysis developed by Hagalis AG are:

  • Clear determination of the quality, which can also be recognized by the layman on the basis of the crystal structures.
  • D

he substances used for crystal analysis are obtained exclusively from the sample material itself. No solvents or chemical substances are used.

  • The crystal salts are obtained from the sample material so that interfering foreign influences can be excluded.
  • Possibility of consulting for quality improvement of the product or device.
  • Basis for the creation of a general quality standard that allows certification to a truly verified organic product, as quality guidelines have been developed that are generally applicable.
  • The quality becomes visible to the end user, as the quality characteristics can also be perceived by laypersons.
  • The crystal analysis stands up to the scientific claim by reproducibility of the examinations and can successfully submit to double-blind studies.
  • It can be applied to any sample material, so it is absolutely versatile, for example, in medicine, medicine production, agriculture, cosmetics industry, detergent production.
  • Compared to conventional elaborate chemical-analytical methods, which can also show fewer quality differences, the method is quite inexpensive.

Hagalis - Crystal and chemical analyses

For the analysis of your products we offer all common quantitative analysis methods:

  • Crystal analyses of water, water treatment equipment, foodstuffs and consumer goods
  • Water analysis, also according to TVO
  • Food testing according to LMBG
  • Pollutant determination
  • Content determination
  • Product quality inspection
  • Manufacturing protocols according to GMP (pharmaceuticals, food production and cosmetics)
  • Standardization of the quality of products

Patient studies: With the help of crystal analysis and all common blood values we offer:

  • Proof of efficacy of products, remedies or food supplements
  • Proof of effectiveness of water treatment plants

Proof of effectiveness of shielding and interference suppression devices

Medical examinations: Crystal analysis and all common blood values we offer:

  • Blood crystal analysis for medical diagnosis, 7-page evaluation with photo documentation and remedy determination as well as therapy recommendations
  • Medical diagnosis, 7-page evaluation with photo documentation and remedy determination including spagyric liquid crystal solution from own blood or other body juices as dilution

Hagalis crystal analysis

A new method that can be used in a wide variety of fields:

A novel method has made it possible to obtain liquid crystals from samples that are to be examined, without the addition of solvents or other substances, purely from the sample itself. These crystals provide information on the nature, quality and medically relevant factors of the substance to be examined. This makes it possible to demonstrate a range of investigation possibilities:

  • Water quality: determination of the quality of water, determination of the healing effect of a water, determination of the evaluation by water treatment systems.
  • Medical diagnoses: early detection of diseases and determination of therapeutic procedures - an important auxiliary tool for the physician, alternative practitioner and therapist.
  • Veterinary medicine: diagnoses, finding remedies - remedies for difficult diagnoses
  • Food: testing of agricultural products and processed food for quality determination for consumers and producers, diagnostic tool for product quality improvement
  • Geomedicine: determination of soil quality in agriculture, diagnosis of soil condition and development of agricultural preparations to remedy problems with pest infestation and diseases of plants.
  • Raw material control: quality inspection
  • Consumer goods: quality determination of detergents, personal care products or other consumer goods, diagnostic tool to improve product quality.
  • Children's toys: (non-toxicity testing) diagnostic tool to improve product quality.
  • Production of remedies: determination of efficacy, quality testing
  • Cosmetic manufacturing; quality testing, diagnostic tool to improve product quality.

We are happy to offer you our services in the above-mentioned areas and, upon request, provide you with detailed information on the topics that are of interest to you. To the website www.hagalis.de

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Hagalis AG - Contact details

Hagalis AG Goldbacherstr. 8 88662 Überlingen

Management Board: Andreas Schulz Chairman of the Supervisory Board: E.-F. Lauppe Phone +49 (0) 7551 301999 0 Fax +49 (0) 7551 301999 5 e-m@il: info@hagalis.de http:// www.hagalis.de

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