Inventor of Photon Water Generators (PWG)

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This highly innovative technology enables us to transform "normal" water back to its original structure at the molecular level.

Perpetual sunlight (photons) and water (H2O) are the primal elements for all life on our earth.

The in PWG stored sunlight frequencies structure the water flowing through it. The structured water has a biologically invigorating and stimulating effect on all living organisms, on our environment and demonstrably on our cells.

The PWG generate a harmonious quasi-complementary therapeutic well-being conduction drinking water.

The Photon Water Generator (PWG), developed by Ing. Ludwig Holzer in synergy with photon technology. Modulated with explicitly determined information-field-controlled frequency spectra as active quanta of bioresonance and bioenergetics. Orthoenergetic vital photon water (light water) from your water supply. Calcification on installations and on devices strongly reduced to eliminated. Protection from pollutant information, electrosmog, etc. Cell supporting.

Higher order quantum physical field

Over centuries the science has coined a world view which is based purely on the principles of the Newtonian physics, the matter. Only the extension or redefinition of the little considered quantum physics, in the expiring 20th and beginning 21st century, teaches us however to occupy the new realizations of the energetics with new dimensions. The existence of the ether was abolished by A. Einstein, but was proved years later by the Russian astronomers Nasonov and Kosyrev in a long series of experiments. In quantum physics the dualism "wave-particle" is a "both and" and not an "either or" (D. Boehm). The German exceptional Dipl. Physicist Burkhard Heim has mathematically grasped these higher dimension and reality levels as twelve-dimensional space and has published them in several books. (1) It was also him who created the mathematical bases for those dimensional levels from which quantum and photon physical fields - the photon technology - work.

Subtle or immaterial energies

Thereby it was recognized, among many others, that subtle (immaterial) energies as vibrations, especially photon frequencies, also in water are of eminent importance for the whole life and for our health, as light and water beings. Unfortunately, for several decades we have been exposed to anthropogenic pollutant emissions, e.g. the bombardment by more and more and higher frequency electro-smog - a thousand times more than 40 years ago - as well as by wars, hormones, medicinal derivatives, chemicals of the spraying and artificial fertilizer industry, biological and chemical waste. Well, our body and its organs are known to consist of about 70% of water, i.e. a person with 70 kg body weight carries 5 buckets of water of 10 liters each in himself. To this now the question arises whether our drinking water is correctly structured and energetically bioactive or not, in order to fulfill its nature-legal tasks in organisms.

A structural comparison

Let us first consider the two minerals graphite and diamond (or mica and rock crystal). As we know, they consist of the element carbon (respectively of silicon). Graphite (resp. mica) is a rather trivial mineral with layered lattice structure, the atoms are arranged in hexagonal, face-oriented lattice planes. While diamond (or rock crystal) with cubic most dense space-oriented lattice structure is as the noblest jewel (or a semi-precious stone as rock crystal), with imposing properties and energies. The difference between the two minerals lies exclusively in the structure of the lattice, that is, in the arrangement of the atoms. This knowledge of the ordered spatial arrangement of the atoms or the molecules we must transfer in the biophysical sense also to the molecules of the water. Thereby it is recognized that an optimal quasi-crystalline structuring as well as energization of our foodstuff No. 1, it is the water, can enormously influence our health status in the bioenergetic sense.

So what about the energetic nature of our tap water?

Sensorically clean and germ-free water is far from being healthy water. What we drink now as tap water is biologically degenerated lifeless water, without molecular movement. The information-bearing structures have been pulverized and destroyed by treatment in accordance with the German Drinking Water Ordinance (TWV) and other technically unqualified processes, as well as on the way through the pipelines. In the past, there was no pumped water supply. Pure water was drawn directly from wells or piped from selected sources, naturally, in specially created open pipes, aqueducts. If our tap water still had the energy content of scooped well or spring water as it did 80 and more years ago, there would be much fewer suffering people with costly degenerative diseases today, but more healthy people with a higher quality of life.

From this realization it is therefore imperative to return the water by suitable physical procedures to its original quality healing. Because only exclusively energetically high-quality (crystal, and/or light) water can fulfill its so meaningful tasks in our organism. Only then it is a means of life or "remedy", which can control and maintain the many highly complicated, biophysical and bioenergetic processes in the right energetic sense. Here is to anticipate the scientists mentioned below, namely: Through the complementary medical method, the bioresonance measurement according to Dr. Voll, the energetic state of organs can be measured, for example. Organs, which are afflicted with energetic deficits, are built up energetically already short time after drinking a glass of water, by means of photon-compressed, "photonized" SiKristallen vitalized, thus tap water from the photon water generator, in such a way that again a substantially higher to normal organ energy can be determined. This is the amazing effect in our body, which is caused by structuring and energizing a raw tap water to a (bio)photon water or to a light water, by using the universal light spectral energy, the photon technology, which is in universal harmony. This energy cannot be touched, cannot be seen and cannot be put under any microscope. The effect is in harmony with the frequencies of sunlight (photons), cells, rock crystal and primal spring water, from 10 to the power of 13 to 10 to the power of 24 hertz. Bio-photons have 1.26 x 10 to the power of 15 Hertz, i.e. 1.26 quadrillion oscillations per second.

Structured water is in and between cells.

The famous American physician and researcher, Dr. Cousens, writes: "Today, cells are thought of as containing structured water as their basic substance. Enzymes and other macro-molecules, along with sodium and potassium ions, are embedded in a polarized water structure." (2) It has been proven that a large part of the intracellular metabolism takes place in a network of structured water. The Austrian physician, Uni. Prof. Dr. Pischinger, developed the "Theory of Basic Regulation", which reaches a preliminary peak of medical system concepts, and provides an excellent framework for the study of the role of water in biology. In our body there is no direct contact between organ cells and capillaries. Not even to the vegetative nerve fibers. As a result, every stimulus and every metabolic process must go through the extracellular tissue fluid, the water! (3) Therefore, structured water in the intracellular space as well as in the connective tissue plays a central role in the regulation of water, pollutant, electrolyte and heat balance in humans or mammals. Water is also responsible for the important acid-base balance and for the redox potential. Imbalances in our organism can be responsible for degenerative long-term diseases.


The latest EU-scientific findings that anthropogenic electromagnetic frequencies of mobile phones, cordless phones, military, police and satellite radio, secret services, HAARP projects and the like can massively change the structure of the extracellular body water are extremely thought-provoking. The cell thus receives for all elementary metabolic processes a completely non-physiological, new energetic environment or milieu unknown to it. Cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, etc. can ultimately be a consequence of this. (4) Many naturopathic physicians and experiential physicians therefore recommend drinking 2 to 3 liters of orthoenergetic, i.e. "photonized" water daily to produce at least 1.5 liters of urine to counteract this highly alarming stress. In addition, the photonic water generator "phontonizes" black-dirty, foul-smelling central heating and cooling water, making it clear and odor-free without chemicals in just a few days, with optimal heating performance. Underfloor heating systems are pleasantly comfortable! Cooling panels can be de-sludged. An interesting result of the biophoton researcher, Univ. Prof. Dr. F. A. Popp, is: "Only in an ordered water structure the cells, with the help of ordered light (biophotons), can pass on information of the DNA molecules".

The Austrian-Russian biophysicist, Univ. Prof. Dr. Karl Trincher, goes even further when he emphasizes: "The actual carrier of life is the intracellular water and not the biological macromolecules, as had been erroneously assumed. When a cell dies, it is not the proteins and other macromolecules that initially change, but rather the special, ordered structure of the cell fluid that breaks down. The decisive factor is not the chemical composition, i.e. which substances, such as minerals, are dissolved in it, but the arrangement and cross-linking of the water molecules, i.e. their physical structure and frequency." Trincher therefore concludes, "The secret of life lies in water, in water preserving order." (5).

Order structures

If we now transfer these elementary findings to today's water quality, then we must ask ourselves the serious question of which order structures still lie in our industrial or tap water. This water is usually pumped, stored in large containers, chlorinated or fluorinated, chemically treated, UV-irradiated, in order to meet - from a bacteriological point of view - the legal requirements. It is then pressed at high pressure through miles of pipelines until it finally reaches the consumer himself, broken and pulverized. It should be understandable for everyone that the order structure, which nature (creation) has given to the water, must break down completely by such processes and procedures.


by the photon drinking water generator, thus by a healing by means of the photon technology, as well as information field controlled effective quanta, the vital order structures reach again into the water; it becomes a (bio)photon water. The ability of self-purification is made possible again for this most important element of life. By means of photon technology, we have succeeded in permanently securing water structuring with a hitherto unimagined high, creation-conforming uninterrupted energy state, with an optimally high proportion of order structures.

Water is quasi-crystalline

The greater the ordered, structured portion in water, the better its biological quality. The German physicist Dr. Ludwig described this aspect as follows: "Water differs from other liquids in that it forms a so-called 2-phase system. In addition to its disordered portion of water molecules, it has a highly ordered portion. This portion is also called crystalline-liquid, because it has the same high degree of order as a crystal (diamond, rock crystal). The intermolecular forces in the crystalline-liquid part present a very high energy. Whereas now the energetic bonds in the disordered, i.e. in the normal-liquid phase are relatively low." (6).

Sacred geometry of water

A particularly spectacular property of the H2O molecules is that they can also combine to form regular, geometric shapes, not just any shapes, like the clusters themselves, but the 5 Platonic solids known since antiquity: tetrahedron (fire), cube (earth), octahedron (air), dodecahedron (ether) and icosahedron (water). In this way, complex, stable structures are formed, quasi a kind of liquid crystals, which even persist in water vapor. One speaks in this connection also of the holy geometry of the water. These 5 platonic bodies were already for Pythagoras and Plato the image of sacred dimensions and harmonies. Here, the most advanced physical knowledge and deep archaic knowledge meet. According to the law of resonance: "As above, so below", the highly ordered water communicates with sunlight, cosmic, subtle energies and influences, just as our DNA communicates with the universe. Everything that is, is only because everything communicates with everything. Each has its existence in the other.

Water is a source, receiver and store of information, i.e. of electro-magnetic oscillations.

Just as water can absorb healing, positive information, it is also able to "store" harmful, negative imprints from the environment. Unfortunately, these mostly harmful pollutant information and vibrations are not eliminated in the usual water treatment. Only special physical procedures, especially the application of photon technology and bioresonance, ensure the ineffectiveness of this harmful information. If these are not applied, the harmful information imprinted on the water can cause a disturbance of the cellular as well as bio-communication, with its often serious long-term health consequences, in our highly complicated organism. This knowledge has been clearly proven by various scientists, including the physicist Dr. Ludwig, and confirmed by means of special frequency measurement.

Healing waters - water healing

In the opposite sense it could be determined that so-called healing waters have particularly positive, to the earth and universe - (bio)photons - harmonious oscillation frequencies. Measurements on Lourdes spring water and other healing water sources could prove this fact. Biologically high-quality water must have positive information, i.e. frequencies of the sunlight with 1015 Hertz and more as well as high crystalline order structures, if it is to be beneficial to our organism. By means of dignified use of ether energy, with the help of the photon water generator, our mostly biologically dead tap water can be "healed" again and returned to high-quality orthenergetic spring water quality, a (bio)photon water.

Limestone in water pipes, household appliances and plumbing fixtures.

This is an exquisite subject of photon technology and water engineering and is to be described with the predicate: amazing! Inconvenient crystalline limestone deposits, incrustations in pipes, on devices and installations in households, businesses, etc., are visibly reduced to the past. Chemicals, expensive lime protection preparations as well as substitution devices, centner of salts against lime, are dispensable. Black dirty heating and cooling water in radiators converts in a few days independently without chemicals to completely clear water. Pollutant information, which often makes floor heating systems uncomfortable, is ineffective. Photon technology and Water Engineering ensure high environmental standards.

Verified occupations of active quanta of photon technology, bioresonance and water engineering

  • Scientifically and empirically proven.
  • In the holistic sense, all the pollutant information in tap water that is foreign to water can become ineffective.
  • the water is immediately energized and restructured with the highest order.
  • Orthoenergetic water molecule movement and structuring are kept permanently stable, even during cooking.
  • Electrosmog of all origins can be superimposed and enters into resonance with the organism not or inhibited.
  • The inner surface of the water is significantly increased due to the water crystals and the reduction of the clusters.
  • Our pets, plants and flowers love, through the world's unique and patented photon water generator, structured vitalized ortho-energetic tap water.
  • The oxygen binding capacity of the water is increased.
  • Intercellular communication is increased, which means high healthy cell stabilization, organ energies are measurably increased.
  • Technical devices, fittings, boilers, heating boilers, pipelines of all diameters, bathtubs, toilets, etc. have hardly any incrustations and hardly any maintenance expenses, but much longer life, lowest maintenance costs as well as high value retention. (Photos)
  • The dissolving power of the water is increased. Existing and imprinted positive information is stored and preserved sustainably stable.
  • The surface tension of 74 dyn can be reduced.
  • Plant growth is visibly increased.
  • All the food and drinks from the kitchen, restaurants and food factories taste great.
  • Crystal clear central heating and cooling water, no pollutant vibrations, reduction of heating costs, no uncomfortable legs with underfloor heating. No sludge formation or deposition.
  • In sum: The "Green Choice"!
  • U.v.m.

The energetic state of the water plays a decisive role in the bio-utilizability of the minerals contained in the water.

A sensation on the subject of "healthy water" is the developed, scientific proof that information as well as immaterial vibrations are not only superior to the physical body of the human being, but also to the material structure of the water and determine it. By the energizing procedure, of tap water with the photon technology and explicit information field controlled frequency spectra, effects can be released like by a healing water.

Research, preliminary peak in cell stabilization.

In the photon medical technology - applied photon technology - with the universal light spectral energy, the bipolar atomic energy use, an all-embracing therapy concept in the complementary medicine with the intra-scalar stations for the cell regulation was reached. Isolated successes in the dissolution of metastases can be achieved via the increased biophysical ion balance - resulting from the universal light spectral energy - through resonance ratios, subject to reservation. The researches are considered as not yet finished.


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Schörfling, February 2016, 4th revision. Preliminary version, without guarantee and claim to completeness. All rights reserved as well as new and extended findings or imponderables. Instructions for use: The Photon Water from the Photon Water Generator is not a remedy and it does not replace a medical diagnosis, a therapy or the intake of medication. Author: Ing. Ludwig Holzer, on his own behalf, A4861 Schörfling am Attersee, Schießstatt 11, e-mail: Tel. 0043 (0)676 9759 214.

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