Alternative lake restoration of the company Sunwater of life

Do you know it too? Algae gradually accumulate in the lake and biotope. But how can you remove these contaminants professionally?  

not stop at the expensive household appliances?

That's over now! Thanks to our innovative invention of the Photon Water Generator (PWG), these problems are a thing of the past. The process works completely without chemical additives and salt.

Our approach and implementation

We have been using photon technology in lake restoration since 2008. We use transmitting plates, which we create for the transmission of vibrations. These transmitting plates are made of acrylic glass and are therefore not visible after they have been placed in the water by us. In this process, a project is carried out within 1 to 4 weeks. Finally, we end the algae problem and provide an increasing oxygen content and also a stabilized ammonium value.

Photon technology in lake restoration


Thanks to photon technology we are able to perform a complete lake restoration with the following advantages.

  • No use of machines
  • Physical labor is not required
  • Algae do not need to be disposed of
  • No chemicals
  • Power is not needed
  • Fast running time from 1 to 4 weeks
  • Oxygen content is increased

In principle, we proceed in such a way that we require a water analysis. This is done once in spring and once in summer. We need this to find out all the information about the organisms living in the water. In addition, we need, apart from the project size, the ammonium value and the oxygen content. Algae infestation cannot be predicted. 

However, there are some points that can indicate an algae infestation. These would be, first, a calm and non-moving body of water with a rise in water temperature and plenty of nutrients in the water. Some varieties of algae emit a natural toxin. Whether the water is eventually affected by this toxin depends entirely on the variety of algae. Typical symptoms are abdominal pain, diarrhea and fever.

How do you get a plague of algae in the lake


Typically, lakes in need of remediation contain far too many nutrients. It can be seen that phosphate in particular is present in excess. As a result, a layer may develop in the water body that is oxygenated. However, there are too many organisms in this layer, so that the deeper layers of the lake do not get any oxygen. 

Thus, all organisms die in this layer, which is not supplied with oxygen. Generally, there is no danger from the algae. They produce some substances that can cause symptoms such as skin rash, nausea and diarrhea in bathers. There are even bad cases known about triggering respiratory distress. If there are too many blue-green algae in a bathing lake, bathing is prohibited or a bathing warning is issued.

The blue green algae

The interesting thing about the blue-green algae is that it is not true to its name. This is because the appearance of the blue-green algae in the water is green. So if you have a problem with this species, you can assume that your water body is completely colored green. Generally, all swimming spots are inspected every three years.


Blue-green algae at a glance:

  • Blue-green algae are among the oldest living organisms in the world
  • Worldwide occurrence
  • Usually not dangerous

Blue green algae and dog owners

In general, you should take care that your dog does not drink cloudy and colored water. In case of contact, it is recommended to wash out the fur. Because in this case it must be prevented that the dog does not try to divert his fur. Then he would possibly ingest the poisonous blue-green algae.