Remove and prevent limescale now

Do you know it too? Unpleasant lime deposits gradually accumulate on the sanitary equipment. But how can you remove these lime deposits?  

no stop at the expensive household appliances?

That's over now! Thanks to our innovative invention of the Photon Water Generator (PWG), these problems are a thing of the past. The process works completely without chemical additives and salt.

Remove ingrained lime

The removal of limestone is often a major challenge. At the same time, almost everyone has already had a bad experience with limestone in water pipes. Or, you have already asked yourself the question of how to remove the Remove limescale in the shower.

Especially to remove ingrained lime and heavy lime deposits is not easy. But the PWG can easily help you with this!

How harmful is lime?

Most people are not aware that even small layers of lime have a negative impact on energy efficiency have. Because of this, it should be especially important to you to protect your hot water installation from limescale. A lime layer of only 2 mm reduces energy efficiency by up to 20 %.


The PWG relies on a modern photon technology to soften water. In the process, the innovative system converts the limestone into aragonite. This does not mean that the lime in your pipes is removed. However, it becomes less aggressive and thus the deposit can be prevented.




Do you have these problems in your area?

Limescale removal without loss of water quality

With the Photon Water Generator, all minerals and nutrients are preserved in the water. Because at no time does the device come into direct contact with the water. Thus, there is no danger of bacteria or other pollutants being introduced into your water supply system. Take precautions and order now the most sustainable solution against lime deposits.

Remove limescale deposits? Here's how!


However, please do not forget that the human body also needs lime. However, you do not need to worry about this. Because the lime we need to eat every day is still contained in the water. PWG is actively effective against aggressive lime and removes old lime deposits in the process.





Forget the days of chemical detergents and annoying limescale stain removal. Learn now the benefits of soft water, completely free of additional risk and maintenance. That's because PWG's novel technology will permanently protect you from the dangers of hard water. Look forward to our 100 % efficient solution against lime deposits.


Generally, water containing lime can be described as hard water. This is responsible for the lime deposits and damage to your household appliances and plumbing fixtures. Especially pipes suffer from hard water. If you want to counteract the problem with water hardener, you will only promote corrosion.

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