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The innovative pool without chemicals

Pools must always be cleaned and maintained so that they retain their beautiful appearance. It is hard to imagine a pool without chemicals. Sometimes the sight of the pool is beyond our scope of action. This can be the case if your pool is infested with algae. You can then treat your pool with chemicals, or you can go for the innovative solution and use a photon water generator. 

The innovative product changes water on a molecular level. By using the device, you get a variety of benefits that only the PWG can offer you. A huge advantage is the cost saving and the prolonged, better value retention of your pool. The PWG even does not require any electricity or maintenance.

Pool without chlorine

With the use of the PWG you can completely dispense with chemical additives in your pool care. Thus, you not only save money, but also allow your pool guests to bathe without being exposed to chemical substances. The assembly is very simple, because a craftsman is not needed.

Is the PWG once installed in the right place, it will work for 20 years without power and maintenance. For these 20 years, you will receive a warranty promise from us.

The value of a pool may well drop drastically after a prolonged algae infestation. After a certain point, the damage can no longer be undone without leaving traces. But not only that, pools can also have problems with limescale, for example, when limescale deposits form, which could leave permanent damage after some time.

Pool with PWG

      No salts

      No chemicals

      Low maintenance

      No irritated eyes

      No expenses for cleaning chemicals

      Strong value retention

Pool without PWG

      Salts and chemicals necessary

      High maintenance effort

      Severe loss of value

      High costs for cleaning chemicals

      Irritated eyes

Simple lime removal in the pool

If you use a PWG for your pool, then you will certainly not be one of the pool owners who have problems with lime. Because the PWG ensures that the aggressive lime in the water is removed. This does not remove or convert all the lime itself, but only the aggressive lime. Thus, all the important nutrients in the water are preserved.


The PWG can render ineffective all non-water pollutant information in the water. The lifetime of your pool and its equipment will increase immensely. The maintenance effort will also be drastically reduced. This is the result of the Ortho-energetic structured vitalized change of the water.

The advantages of energetic water

A PWG is responsible for restructuring normal tap water into energized water. In this process, a multitude of advantages arise for the use of energized water. It is essential that this process increases the oxygen binding capacity of the water.

Also due to the fact that aggressive lime is removed, a much higher quality water is produced. This also has a lower risk of bacteria or germ infestation. The reason for this is that no lime deposits can form in the water pipes. The innovative PWG is patent-protected and can also help you switch to a high-quality water.

It doesn't matter if you want to have the pool without chemicals or if you want to change the water quality in your private household. Contact us and we will find the best solution for you.

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