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The key to healthy living energy


ENERG-IT, purest rock crystal flour, is charged by means of the unique multiwave oscillator technology and natural law information. This uses the natural law cosmic frequency spectra as force fields and thus potentiates the air energy to the highest possible Bovis units. The special form of matter that the ENERG-IT represents is a "frequency enhancer" that can bring the aura of people into a certain resonance that supports a healing process.


With Energ-it

as an additive to all commercially available wall and clay paints, fillers and screeds, you not only activate the air you breathe by being able to use the permanently available spectrum of light spectral energy.

ENERG-IT regulates the molecular movement in indoor air in a natural way. It curbs the influence of pollutants, dusts, static charges, etc. in the air of offices and rooms. Can increase cognitive abilities!


Your advantages

" Low costs - unimagined effect

" For increased well-being

" Recommended for allergy sufferers

" Creates waterfall atmosphere in rooms









Only 2-weight percent ENERG-IT with standard wall paint,

Mix the screed or filler well and mix according to the
Apply recommendations of the manufacturer.


Packing and contents

200g rock crystal flour with 98.8% SIO2 / multiwave oscillated


ENERG-IT means

best room climate


Definition "Air Ions": The name "Air Ions" is coined by the Institute of Environmental Health, Center for Public Health of the Medical University of Vienna, Kinderspitalgasse 15, 1090 Vienna.

So-called "air ions" are electrically charged particles generated by cosmic and solar radiation as well as by radioactive decay in the air and in the ground. "Air ions" are also generated by waterfalls, frictional forces of storms, thunderstorms and lightning, and it is assumed that the negatively charged particles are of emphasized importance. ("Good air" after thunderstorms).

Measurements of "air ions" showed different concentrations in different environments. A very high concentration of "air ions" can be found, for example, near waterfalls - up to hundreds of thousands per cm³ of air - whereas in rural areas and indoors the number can drop to a few hundred "air ions" per cm³ of air.

In recent years, the debate about the benefits of ionization of air has revived. In particular, the unique processes used to produce "sent" storable silicon crystals. With the focused storage of the "universal light-spectral-energy" and the "ether-energy" - as the "self-sufficient life-support-system"- force-fields are created, starting from the "sent" silicon-crystals, generated by the wave-spectrum of the sunlight stored in them - half-life approx. 14.000 years, TU Vienna, Prof. Klima - and that of the ether-energy. These force fields can help to stabilize living cells (applied in complementary medicine).


Also in the ortho-energetic water molecule revitalization of drinking water, the same process, integrated in our patented Photon water generators, successfully applied. Electrosmog, dusts, static charges etc. stress our organism especially indoors. In urban centers there is an extreme lack of "fresh" indoor air, charged particles, ions.

Remedy and solution:
In our researches we achieved a new and unique product, namely: the ENERG-IT. Ground rock crystal (semi-precious stone) with a purity towards 100 % is "sent" with the universal light spectral energy, the ether energy, the signature of light with above sustainability.

Only 2.2% ENERG-IT stirred into the wall paints, generate a hitherto undiscovered, permanently high enrichment of the air in the room with "air ions", as in the vicinity of a waterfall. It is precisely the special form of matter that ENERG-IT is a "frequency enhancer" that can bring the aura of a person into a certain resonance that supports a healing process. One gram ENERG-IT has a surface area of 1.2 m². One 10-kilo bucket of wall paint with 220 grams. ENERG-IT ensures cost-effective homogeneous wall coverage with the natural law force field of sunlight and ether energy.

Measurements in with ENERG-IT rooms painted as an additive to wall paint showed a high concentration of "air ions", up to about 50,000 per cm³ of air. Measurements of pure ENERG-IT by means of bioresonance postulated several hundred thousand bovis units.

Investigations of the Medical University of Vienna showed that in rooms with a slightly increased concentration of "air ions" - from approx. 3000 per cm³ of air to over 5000 per cm³ - the cognitive ability and concentration of persons could already be measurably increased. In sum, a better work performance, respectively a possibly lower fatigue can be deduced from this.

Other positive personal perceptions of increased well-being may occur.

The natural lawfulness of our procedures can exclude excessive demands on the organism.


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