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ENERGY PLATE from Sunwater of life


ENERGY-PLATE is able to transform structureless water from all different sources into crystal water within one minute. It does not matter where the water comes from. Whether from a PET bottle, from a glass bottle or normal water from the tap in various containers (glass, steel).

ENERGY-PLATE turns any water into crystal water, in no time! Charge your supermarket bought water with energy by yourself and enjoy all the benefits.


Advantages of crystal water through ENERGY-PLATE


Water is the basis of all life. The human body consists of approximately 70% of water, the majority of which is found in a person's cells. An adequate supply of water is a prerequisite for the vital metabolism in the body to function properly. But not all water is the same.


Because crystal water offers you more benefits than just quenching your thirst. It can help you manage your stress better, as well as support you against your phobias. It promotes your mental clarity and helps relieve headaches or nausea. In addition, the water can also boost your self-esteem. Some even report that it helps them with anxiety and depression.


Crystal water is very calming and helps you focus on your priorities. Therefore, it is especially beneficial for those who work in areas where they regularly deal with crises and trauma. But it is best to see for yourself.

Wouldn't you like to enjoy all the benefits of crystal water at home?

Analysis with proven effect

The effect of ENERGY-PLATE was proven by analysis in the laboratory. It was tested on normal water from PET, glass, and stainless steel bottles, as well as water from the tap. In all cases, crystals were formed, which are visible on the enlarged photos of the frozen water. The laboratory was able to clearly visualize the differences before and after the test.


At the same time, the Bovis (energy) values have all skyrocketed. For example, they have increased by a factor of 10 for water from PET bottles and tap water (from 3500 to 42000). While the Bovis values of water from glass bottles have increased by a factor of about eight (from 5000 to 42000). These are extremely astonishing values.


Thus, the laboratory was able to provide evidence that ENERGY-PLATE was able to charge the water with energy in all cases. The result was fresh and healthy crystal water, ready to drink.


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