Protect water pipes in commercial real estate

In commercial real estate, too, it is important to Protect water pipes. Because especially here lurk high costs when imprudent risks be entered into. Most cases are covered by the insurance. However, loss of earnings may occur if, for example, the hotel kitchen has very calcified water pipes.

Due to this we offer our photon water generators also to commercial customers. Our offer is directed from hotel, office, wellness, swimming pools and laundries. In general, all operators of real estate have the same concerns about their water pipes.

At the end of the day, there is just one major difference between a residential property and a commercial property. In the event of a problem, the costs or loss of earnings of a commercial property are many times higher.

Limescale deposits in commercial real estate

 The effects of limescale depend entirely on the type of business. If it is a hotel, a limescale deposit can make itself felt in the hotel's own kitchen. In addition, the risk exists in the wellness area and also in the swimming pool of the hotel.

With our photon water generators you get a compact but effective device to increase your water quality. The device relies on a physical process that removes aggressive limescale in drinking water. This eliminates limescale deposits and improves water quality. The risk of damaged pipes due to limescale deposits is reduced immensely.

Real estate with use of the PWG

      No lime deposits

      No risk of germs and biofilm due to lime

      High water quality

      Hard water with all the advantages of soft water

Real estate without use of the PWG

      Risk of lime deposits

      Low running time of the inventory due to lime

      Risk from unexpected line damage due to lime deposits

      Risk of germs and biofilm on lime deposits

      Lower water quality

Protect expensive equipment in commercial real estate

Commercial properties often use very expensive equipment. These can be multiple hot water boilers. The commercial kitchen dishwasher would also be one of them. All these devices are in very high dimensions in terms of price.

A company is always interested in Extend the runtime of the devices as far as possible. With the PWG, extending equipment runtime is no longer a problem. Because the PWG eliminates the everyday risk factors that arise with a high lime content in the water.

At the same time, the device even increases the water quality and thus ensures a better well-being. All this happens without the need for complex installation work or expensive craftsmen.

Saving costs with the PWG

With the PWG, you only incur one-time costs. After installation, the device can then perform full work for 10 years completely unnoticed. This happens completely without electricity or interim maintenance work and is guaranteed by our 10 years long effect guarantee secured. The innovative device uses a physical process and in the process increases water quality and removes aggressive lime.

Thus, it actively contributes to cost savings. After all, high limescale deposits can result in up to 20 % higher energy consumption. At the same time, it reduces the risk of future water main repairs and maintenance. Not to mention drastically reducing the risk of lost earnings.

In summary, the PWG adds tremendous value to your commercial property with its low overhead. Contact us today and together we will find the right solution for your commercial property.

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