Prevent rust and corrosion in water pipes

What are water pipes made of and what are the risks?

Rust and corrosion are often due to soft water. This causes with metallic pipes often pitting over time, which eventually ends in a burst pipe. Now, however, you should not immediately look at how you can turn your water into hard water. Because this also brings so some disadvantages.

Hard water is known to cause lime deposits. These can also lead to many disadvantages, such as calcified household appliances, higher consumption, and pollution. However, if you are drawing hard water, and are considering converting it to soft water, then we offer you the Possibility to do without the risks of rust and corrosion.

Using the photon water generators advantages

The Photon Water Generator (PWG) eliminates all the disadvantages that hard water brings without turning it into soft water. Because the PWG removes aggressive lime in water and thus has the same effect as an expensive softening plant. But the differences are enormous. Because the PWG costs only a fraction of a professional softening plant.

Professional softening systems are available from a price of about 400 €. These are the entry level models and whether they are suitable for the size of your home would need to be clarified. The costs for larger devices go into the range of over 1,000 €.

Dangers due to pipe corrosion

The Dangers due to corrosion are not to be underestimated. This can lead to lead poisoning, but also to germ growth. In general, you should always make sure that your pipes are regularly checked and maintained. Detect pipe corrosion early and avoid unnecessary risks. 

ConspicuousnessPossible cause
Red or reddish brown water comes out of the tapIron pipes could be rusted, or iron deposits in tap water
Blue residue on the fittingsCopper pipes are affected by corrosion
Black water comes out of the pipesCopper or iron pipes are affected by sulfide corrosion
Water tastes or smells rottenGerms and biofilm in the pipes
Water pressure decreasesPitting corrosion in the piping system

Source: US Environmental Protection Agency

Degrade lime without increased risk of corrosion

The PWG makes it to the Support degradation of aggressive lime and also eliminate heavy lime deposits. This is done entirely without softening the hard water. Thus, if they draw hard water, you are able to use the PWG to fight against limescale and at the same time avoid the risk of rust and corrosion.


If you already have corrosion on your pipes and plan to repair them, the PWG can help you avoid contamination by intervening in the piping system. The device prevents germs and bacteriawhich can settle in the piping system in case of contamination. This is possible because it removes lime and thus does not give a foothold to the bacteria and germs.

Solutions against rust and corrosion

If you know you are getting soft water, when in doubt, let tap water that has been standing for more than 4 hours drain a little. Especially before you use it to prepare food. If you already know that your pipes are affected by rust and corrosion, then in case of doubt, sanitation may be an option.


Unfortunately, there is always the threat of either limescale or corrosion attacking your water pipes. This is generally due to water hardness and can hardly be influenced. Nevertheless, the PWG also recommended here. Because it prevents against limescale without additionally creating an increased risk of rust and corrosion.

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