PWG Private

Let us convince you of the many possible applications of our products for your private living area. With photon technology, these products change the structure of water and you will experience the following benefits:

  • softer water.
  • Lime that loses its aggressiveness and is a relief in cleaning lime deposits.
  • Crystal water / spring water from your own tap
  • Preservation of calcium and magnesium in drinking water.
  • No consumables such as salt required
  • Well-being and performance enhancement through nutrient promotion down to the deepest cellular level.
  • The assembly can be done by yourself in a few seconds 
  • No maintenance or spare parts
  • and much more.
You have a house and want to take advantage of all the benefits?

Since 2008, we have been evolving and working with our customers to find new areas where we can save on energy, set-up and maintenance costs.

Our product Pro PWG is used for specific applications and programmed according to customer requirements. 

Contact us today and let's find a sustainable solution together!

  • Large objects
  • Industry
  • Cafés/Restaurants
  • Collective heating systems
  • Schools/Hospitals
  • Pools/Swimming pools