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The discovery of the Bovis balance system has been described by some people as life-changing. On the other hand, you will find that others consider this concept to be pseudoscientific and have no real evidence to support it.

You are confused and do not know what to believe. However, we will not interfere with your intelligence and force an idea on you by presenting one-sided evidence. Instead, we will explain everything you need to know about the Bovis scale (i.e., the Bovis units) so that you can judge this matter for yourself.

By the end of this comprehensive guide, you will have all the knowledge you need about Bovis units. First, let's start with a definition.

What are Bovis units?

Although you may never have heard of Bovis units, you have certainly come across the term "Life energy" bumped.

Bovis units are the units of measurement that measure life energy. Other terms that are used for the same concept are Prana or Chi. The name Bovis goes back to a French physicist named Alfred Bovis back. This gentleman lived between 1871 and 1947 and was the first to give concrete values to the life energy system.

Today, the Bovis scale of measurement includes the vital energy of food. In other words, you can now measure how many units each food element has. Even more interesting, you can measure the Bovis units of non-food elements to get a complete understanding of what your body is coming into contact with.

In order to better understand the Bovis scale system, we will discuss its history in the next section.

The history of the Bovis scale system

While many sources claim, Alfred Bovis be the inventor of this scaling system, there are also some skeptics. Historians say that Alfred Bovis was a physicist, inventor, radiesthesist and boilermaker.

At the other end of the spectrum are those who believe that a Mr. Antoine Bovis was the actual inventor of the Bovis scale.

This group also includes the Czech radio technician Karel Drbal. He mentioned that Antoine Bovis was an ironmonger and worked on radiesthesic studies in his spare time. Besides Mr. Drbal also mentions the website 'scpetic.comAntoine Bovis as the actual inventor of this system.

Regardless of who invented the Bovis scale system, it has now become established among hundreds of thousands of followers around the world.

The values of Bovis

As a rule of thumb, experts in the field consider 6,500 Bovis units to be neutral. This is the average Bovis value for most people. However, a Bovis value lower than this will have a negative effect on your energy. Conversely, higher values have positive effects.

The German dowser Markus Schirner classifies the Bovis numbers as follows:

On your journey to explore the reality of the Bovis scale system, you will inevitably come across physical equations that attempt to make sense of this ordeal. You will find the energy value of red light in joules and how it relates to the human body. However, we recommend keeping things simple. If you are just getting acquainted with the Bovis scale, you should stick to the basics.

Once you are familiar with this concept, you can move on to more complicated aspects, such as the physical and energetic relationships.

How is the Bovis value actually measured?

It is important to understand how we can actually measure these values. In short, experts use a pendulum or a Biotensor.

A biotensor is a simple device consisting of a rod and a pendulum. In the hands of a skilled user, the biotensor can be extremely useful for locating energetic and magnetic fields in the body. It can make the same measurements in nature and in electronic devices.

The relationship between Bovis values and health

At this point it becomes clear that the Bovis numbers can tell a lot about the state of health of a person. In fact, one can use this system to assess the condition of other organisms, objects, places and substances. Thus, you can determine whether a non-living object is emitting positive or negative energy points. Thus, you can learn which objects you should keep close to you and which ones you should exclude from your life.

To stay healthy, aim for a Bovis value between 7.000 and 10.000 units. Of course, you must be aware that your Bovis value will not remain constant throughout your life. In other words: If you encounter energy sources with low or high Bovis values, it may affect your own value. You should pay attention to this, especially if you suffer from chronically low Bovis levels.

Alright, you are now familiar with the basics of the Bovis scale system. Let's learn how you can actually influence your Bovis level to optimize your health.

Stay in nature

As humans, we are programmed to spend a lot of time in nature. You don't have to jog or lift weights when you're outdoors. Just spend time near natural sources and you will definitely notice the difference.

Have you ever thought about why people have more energy when they go on vacation? Most people seek out beaches, forests and mountains when they go on vacation. These places are rich in positive energy sources that increase your Bovis levels and optimize your health.

Just make sure that you go to places that you really enjoy. For example, if you like to lie on the beach, you should go there even in winter (but make sure it's warm).

Pay attention to what you eat

It may be boring to hear this for the millionth time. However, organic produce that comes directly from the earth is much healthier for you than artificial, processed foods. If you have the luxury of owning a small farm or garden, you should learn to grow your own vegetables. Of course, we know that growing your own food is very tedious, but after a while you will enjoy it.

Think about how much your diet affects your energy level and health. Three times a day you can make a decision that will benefit or harm your Bovis levels.

Practice meditation

Meditation is one of the best methods to optimize your health. It is also very useful for increasing your Bovis levels. If you take time for yourself and explore your inner peace, your Bovis levels will rise to unimaginable heights. If you meditate regularly, you can even reach Bovis levels of over 20,000 units.

Limit your exposure to radiation

You may have noticed that the above sections described how to increase your Bovis levels. However, it is equally important that you avoid negative energy sources.

Entry - radiation exposure.

The sources for these energies can be manifold. Smartphones, for example, are known for their Bovis-decreasing effect. We are not saying that you should not use your smartphone - it is still important for many things, including reading this article. Just make sure you use it only when it's not necessary.

How water affects your Bovis levels

Water ranks second in vitality. Only breathing surpasses water when it comes to human survival.

Doctor Masaru Emoto has done a lot of research on water and the Bovis scale system. He even claims that water has a memory. The use of ice crystals allowed Dr. Emoto to see the information stored in water. It seems that water stores everything that comes into contact with it.

How is this information related to the Bovis scale system? Well, the information stored in water has a Bovis value. This gives different water sources unequal Bovis units.

Experts in the field claim that tap water has the lowest Bovis value. And why? Simply because it flows through many pipes that drain it of all its natural energy. In this way, tap water loses all its natural vitality, including the energy it once had.

Tap water comes to your home with a Bovis value between 1,000 and 4,000 units. If you drink this water every day and shower with it, it will most likely affect your bovis energy.

Also, 75 % of your body is water, so your drinking source is extremely important to your life energy. Opt for structured water, which has naturally high Bovis values.

The next section of this article will address the criticisms that have been leveled at this issue.

The shortcomings of the Bovis scale system

The last section of this comprehensive guide deals with the shortcomings of the Bovis scale system. Since the entire system is based on unquantifiable concepts such as astral, vital, and life energy, it is not surprising that it has many critics.

Although scientific terms such as radiation sources, energy, and units of measurement are used, the fact that they are not disclosed makes it difficult to defend this concept.

For example, if we take other units of measurement such as inches or centimeters, they are easy to calibrate. They follow a standardized, international method of measurement without any discrepancies. The Bovis units, on the other hand, have neither a clear definition nor do they provide instrumental measurements.

We have mentioned that experts use the biotensor to accurately measure the Bovis levels of various people/objects. However, scientists consider this practice as pseudoscientific.

Some argue that there is a close relationship between the Bovis scale system and the wavelengths of light. Unfortunately, the use of vague terms to relate the Bovis scale system to physical equations makes it impractical.

There are also some discrepancies in the way the Bovis scale system works. In physics, an increasing energy level of a wavelength is disproportional to its frequency. However, the Bovis system states that an increased wavelength actually produces more energy.

However, there are new findings that could make many people change their minds about the Bovis scale system.

Groundbreaking insights into the Bovis scale system

Because some believe that the Bovis scale system is based on too many imponderables, some researchers have begun to examine new evidence.

For example, an inventor named Ing. Ludwig Holzer groundbreaking work on the effects of the energy plate on water.

This device was developed by a company called Water Engineering developed to increase the Bovis value of the water before drinking. As mentioned earlier, tap water has a Bovis value of about 1,000 to 3,000 units. This is extremely low and can have a negative effect on your health.

Unfortunately, other forms of water, such as PET bottles or glass bottles, also have a very low Bovis value.

With the help of Mr. Dott. Rainer Niederkofler, the head of the Water Crystal Photography Center could Mr. Ing. Ludwig Holzer and Sunwater of life photograph various water forms under the microscope. They found that crystal formation is severely disturbed and in some cases does not even begin. This is further evidence that the water lacks structure due to the low Bovis value

What were the results of this study?

The good news is that the bovis units of water, regardless of its type, can be reduced by contact with our products such as the energy plate to about 42.000 Bovis units increase. That is simply tremendous!

Just take a look at the table to understand the Bovis intervals and their respective interpretations.


To hear that the products of Sunwater of life is able to increase the Bovis units of water may not be enough for some people. Therefore, Mr. Holzer took microscopic pictures of the water before and after it came into contact with the energy plate.

The results were amazing! All types of water were able to form perfect crystals, which is physical proof that the energy plate really works.

To take it a step further, the study authors exposed 10 participants to the water with the increased bovis units. All participants experienced positive effects on their bodies.

You can find more information about BeMA Test here.

Even more impressive is that the water was exposed to the energy plate for only 60 seconds. That was enough to increase the Bovis value from 3,000 units to 42,000 units! The exception was the glass water, which had a Bovis value of 5,000 units before it was exposed to the energy plate.

Nevertheless, 5,000 Bovis units are still low compared to the neutral value (6,500 Bovis units).

Here is a Link, which shows the results of this study.

The researchers explained that the energy plate affects the water by emitting high frequencies that increase the energy of water molecules.

These findings may help us take a step forward in our research of the Bovis scale system and finally provide some scientifically sound evidence to support these claims.

Nobel Laureate Dr. Alexis Carrell Says..." The cell is immortal. As far as we know, the pulsation of life can go on forever."

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The Bovis scale system is a controversial topic that quantifies this concept of life energy. Keeping your Bovis levels high can be a difficult task. However, with the above tips, we are sure that you will notice a significant change in your energy levels and overall health.

We hope that this article has brought you closer to the Bovis scale system and how you can use it in your favor.

If you have any questions, concerns or experiences you would like to share with us, please do not hesitate to do so in the comments section below. You can also contact us for a personal meeting by following this Link follow

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